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Wrekin , on 3 canvases,
paint with mixed materials.
approx 80x100

 The flowers will return, environmental comment.
paint and scrap materials, 65x80cm.

                                   Industry was once here, Coalbrookdale.
                                    based on the well known painting,
                                                                  Coalbrookdale at night.

"Do you remember the Art room ?"
                                   Ercall  Wood school.

Friday afternoon, YR 11, G.C.S.E.,  the radio plays Beacon, students are considering the work of Mondrian, however 2 are studying the Avon catalogue. Happy Days'
                                                                                Size 80x100cm.


20 minute walk from Wellington, behind the Ercall.    75x100 and 60x80 cm.

pj art.
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